About OJ – Program of Inter-happenings

OJ, or Orange Juice, takes its name from the Istanbul-based curatorial team’s love for the healthy drink. It’s a brand new project space located in the Asmali Mescit district.

On top of being a physical space, OJ describes itself as an international network of artists, curators and writers with a shared aim of pushing the limits of contemporary exhibition formats and the post-conceptual potentials in the visual arts. With its roots in being a studio, the production process and an ongoing collaborative studio practice is still the main area of focus for OJ. Functioning as a mini-residency for each show, the project can be described as an alternative research centre, or a performance of ‘inter-happenings.’

Istanbul is a city that experienced a boom in contemporary arts back around 2010 to 2012 and was named the cultural capital of Europe (2010). Now, the unstable and almost threatening everyday political reality surrounding the city today almost serves as a post-apocalyptic backdrop for the alternative narrative OJ aims to introduce.  It’s a cultural response to its own environment that acts as a metaphor for a bigger global geopolitical crisis point, suggesting a new period of reconstruction, a digitally-conscious Modernism as a form of survivalism for the post-truth era.

OJ presents worldwide phenomenal post-contemporary potentials through temporal manifestations.

A post-definitive paradigm entertainment for uninformative contexts in poetic realms.

A cyber-cultural regeneration of heterotopic media for ethical observations to do with magic.

A performance of prestigious inter-happenings.

SAHA provided support for the operations of  OJ within the grant program established in order to support the Sustainability of Independent Art Initiatives.