OJ happily presents, ‘lovely fucking greys‘ a solo show by Mert Diner




10 November 2017

comes from the walls

eye level reality

tools for the suckers to cover every fucking thing


they just cover till the meaning disappeared


don’t care about the rest


you can still see there is something under those greys

a small part of something belongs to bigger.

a piece of hope.

OJ Presents: Maurizio Vicere‘s first solo show in Istanbul; ‘EMZIRMEK’ (almost nothing that really matters).

Curated by Fiona Vilmer

20th. October – 1th November 2017

OJ happily presents “Paradise On Mars“, a group show curated by Erdem Cetrez that brings together artists Adam Stamp, Andrew Birk, Berk Cakmakci, Bora Akinciturk, Burkut Kum, Emma Stern, Huey Crowley, Lara Joy Evans, Michele Gabriele, Monia Ben Hamouda, Nicole Colombo, Pinar Marul and Vitaly Bezpalov

15 September – 29 September 2017

OJ Presents; ”small is ok too”, a studio show by Mert Diner

”small is ok too”, consists of non-displayed small paintings by Mert Diner produced between 2012-2017.

22 September 2017 – 5 October 2017

OJ happily presents the first duo show of Nazim Unal Yilmaz and Ozlem Unlu, in “If i can not fuck, it is not my tradition“.

28 April 2017 – 14 May 2017

OJ presents “It won’t only kill you, it will hurt the whole time you’re dying“, the double solo show of Monia Ben Hamouda and Michele Gabriele 

24 May 2017 – 10 June 2017

Poligon ‘The Shooting Gallery’ and Orange Juice present the refurbished exhibition of Fresh Max  -U N I T E D M E L T- curated by M. Ulas Parkan.

17 March – 31 March 2017

OJ presents; Home Sick, Sick Home, a solo show by Okan Yildirim,

April 6 – April 21 2017

Burkut Kum‘s Memorial Danger Zone curated by Selin Turam.

23 Dec – 1 Feb 2017

OJ Presents, ‘Curtain of Like’, the first duo exhibition of Berk Cakmakci and Bora Akinciturk,

17th of February – 3 March 2017